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The Walton Group is comprised of dedicated professionals with a wealth of experience in the Human Resource arena.


As seasoned HR professionals, we have a passion for helping organizations create a positive and productive workplace culture.  Our expertise in talent acquisition, employee relations, and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives has resulted in improved morale, increased retention, and a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Our experience  has given us a well-rounded understanding of HR best practices and the ability to effectively navigate complex employee relations issues.


Most of our professionals are between 8-10+ years in their field and hold Masters in and/or SHRM certifications. We are committed to staying current on industry trends and regulations. Let's work together to build a better workplace for you and your organization

Our Dedicated Team of Professionals


Raven Pratt

Dedicated HR Professional


Shiron Haskins

Dedicated HR Professional

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Adrienne Sanders

Dedicated HR Professional


Tom Walton



Danielle Wright

Finance Specialist


Jillian Lynum

Mental Health Specialist


Deborah Walton

Event Specialist

Areas of Expertise

The Walton's Group HR Professionals we can help with a multitude of business needs. HR consultants have a deep understanding of best practices in a multitude of areas from talent management to compliance. Check out some of our services below to help increase your business productivity. Leave it to us! 

Talent Managament


Performance Mangement

Risk Managment & Compliance

Employee Relations & Engagement

Compensation &


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